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Vegvísir Tee Shirt

Vegvísir Tee Shirt

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Vegvísir Tee Shirt

Literally “way” (vegr) “shower” (vísir), the symbol is meant to prevent the person carrying it from losing their way, and is known colloquially as “The Viking Compass” or “The Nordic Compass”.

It can often be seen on viking-inspired tattoos, jewellery and illustrations, and even in video games, such as Valheim. Which is strange, as it’s not actually a viking symbol at all.

The vegvísir is featured alongside a number of other galdrastafir (magical staves) in the Huld Manuscript, which was written in Iceland by Geir Vigfusson in 1860. The text around it says:

“Beri maður stafi þessa á sér villist maður ekki í hríðum né vondu veðri þó ókunnugur sá.”

“Carry this sign with you and you won't get lost in storms or bad weather, even in unfamiliar surroundings” (translation: Justin Foster)

Regardless of it's origins, Vegvisir is COOL!

The tee shirt is Black, embroidered with silver/grey thread. It is round neck & unisex.

Chest Sizing in inches:

S 34/36"

M 38/40"

L 42/44"

XL 46/48"

2XL 50/52"

3XL 54/56"

4XL 58/60"

5XL 62/64"

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