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Star Wars - Ahsoka Tano T-Shirt

Star Wars - Ahsoka Tano T-Shirt

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Star Wars - Ahsoka Tano T-Shirt

Mirroring Ahsoka's skin colour, we've chosen a bright orange t-shirt

Printed in white on the front of the shirt

This tee shirt is round neck & unisex.

Chest Sizing:

S 34/36"

M 38/40"

L 42/44"

XL 46/48"

2XL 50/52"

3XL 54/56"

If orange isn't your colour.....fair enough. Drop me a message and we can talk about different colour choices! I can also supply larger shirts, Lady-fit and performance t-shirts for the same price!

I am only shipping within the UK until further notice.:



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