Star Trek Varsity Jacket - Blue with two options

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STAR TREK Varsity Jacket with blue colour trim. WE HAVE TWO BLUE OPTIONS

We love these. It can be hard to find trek clothing which isn't too over the top. This jacket understated.

We get asked all the time for science blue varsity jackets. Our supplier doesn't offer a version which matches our red & yellow trim options but we do have these two choices for you.

Choose from
Royal Blue with white trim
Sapphire Blue with grey trim

both embroidered on the left chest with the 'starfleet 'delta' logo. If you'd prefer a Next Gen or Voyager style logo, just leave a note at the checkout and we can do it for you!

These are ADULT jackets and come in these sizes:

XS 32"
S 34"
M 38"
L 42"
XL 46"
2XL 50"