Shipping price increase UK-USA

Shipping price increase UK-USA

If you are a customer based in the US, I'm afraid our shipping costs have gone through the roof.

"Last year, the UPU agreed to allow the US to set terminal dues/prices themselves from the 1st of July. This met the US administration’s stated objective – to increase how much they charge other countries for delivery. It averted their threat to leave the global network. It will see a significant increase of over 100% in the the rates Royal Mail pay for last mile delivery in the US from the 1st of July.

Royal Mail say that they will have to pass on these costs and will not profit in doing so."


What does it mean?

The 'US' argued that they were covering  too much of the costs of shipping to the US and threatened to leave the Universal Postal Union.  The compromise was a massive hike in shipping to the United States.  Royal Mail has in turn passed on the rise in costs to the customers.  

As a Royal Mail customer, we are astounded by the rise in shipping.  Whilst it was costly to ship to the USA before the rise, we could still offer goods at competitive prices and still turn a small profit.  The rise has eliminated our profit completely so we have little choice but to pass that rise down the chain to you, the customer. 

We're sorry, there is nothing we can do.  We have essentially lost 60% of our trade overnight and there isn't much we can do about it.  We're hoping that agreements and changes may be made int he future but that may well depend on the result of the next US general election and any following legislation.  

Lets be honest, President Trump is not keen on imported goods.  He likes 'Made in America'.  Good for him, we are proud to produce in the UK for the UK but the modern world is built on global trade.  This is a backwards step and it sucks!

So, we welcome orders from the United States should you be willing to pay the shipping!